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Leonard H. Goldenson

Founder-Chairman-ABC, Inc.


First in television history to:

  1. Orchestrate the first unprecedented corporate giant media sale (merger) in U.S. history.

  2. Diversify into other media including publishing, feature film production, amusement parks, recording, Broadway, and worldwide video distribution for Americans in foreign countries.

  3. Involve a major film studio (Warner Brothers ) in television production.

  4. Air movies and miniseries made for TV.

  5. Air serials, soap operas, and animation in primetime.

  6. Provide multiple radio networks.

  7. Franchise western, doctor, detective, caper, and action genre series.

  8. Produce documentaries outside of the news department.

  9. Broadcast the Olympics internationally.

  10. Introduce and distribute foreign films in the U.S.

  11. Air close caption in primetime series with TV scripts.

  12. Cover sports events all over the world.

  13. Open a new bureau in the Middle East.

  14. Develop cable networks such as ESPN, A&E, Lifetime, The History Channel.